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We get together every week to talk up the news in gaming, the games we're playing, and basically whatever else might come up. Oh yeah, we drink and rate beer that we don't properly know how to evaluate.

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Ep 333 - We didn’t know it was Star Wars day - 05/04/2020

Updated 2 months ago.

It’s another show about what The HUGE Crew does while stuck at home! Get yer headphones and join in on the fun! This week the gang talks about 47 Ronin, Keyforge, XCOM: Chimera Squad, Gears Tactics, Halo 1, Trials of Mana Remake, and more! Ben, Tim and Evan also take some time at the end of the show to have a spoiler discussion about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

ALSO: We made a new video thing! You should go check it out on youtube! It's called "HUGE A-Synchronous Speedrunning", let us know what you think! https://youtu.be/wI98ykNFSu4

As always keep sending questions to hugecrew@hoppedupeast.com, we love them!

Beer featured this week: A bunch of stuff!