Orthodox Peace Fellowship in Madison

This is for podcasts of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship in Madison, Wisconsin. In September 2011, Madison was host to the annual North America conference.

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Fr. George: The Harvest of Forgiveness

Updated a long time ago.

Fr. George: The Harvest of Forgiveness

Involved with a weekend conference on peace and forgiveness put together by the Orthodox Peace Fellowship, Fr. John Brian open the conference with prayer and introduced a couple of speakers. ON Saturday morning, Very Rev. Fr. George Morelli of the Aniochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America spoke on the topic forgiveness and the church fathers. HIs presentaion was in a powerpoint which will be made available online soon. In addition, video was recorded of most of the major speakers. Post-production takes a little bit of time, but look for these as well.

This bit of audio (about 5 minutes) was captured at the end of Fr. George's talk. He mentions a couple of ideas on beginning to forgive and then quotes several fathers including St. Isaac of Syrian and the Good Friday hymn: "Hades ruled the race of men, but not forever..."

Then he said, "The harvest of forgiveness is theosis."

This audio of Fr George Morelli was recorded on Saturday, September 17, 2011 by Fr. John Brian Paprock at the Bishop O'Coonor Center, Madison, Wisconsin.