Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films

Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer and actor Todd Robert Anderson talk incessantly through cult films. It would be annoying if you were trying to watch the movie, but this is a podcast...so it's just delightful!

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Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films (Episode 102)

Updated about 1 year ago.

The Identical is a movie about Elvis's twin being as good as Elvis which according to this movie's music also sucks. No matter. Despite the running time of an hour forty for the movie, Jason and Todd talk for three and a half hours. Included are thoughts on this movie, other Christian movies, and then they yell fight for thirty minutes about shit (Rogan, Chappelle, groups insulted by them) they both agree for the last thirty minutes that they have no business or effect on - but at a certain point Todd literally whines, "I am so tired and I just want to eat." That's it. That's the show only one hour shorter than the average Joe Rogan Experience. Sorry for the run-on sentences, but I was high when we recorded this and it is now nighttime.