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This podcast is about the love of books. It covers everything from comic books to the classics. At its most basic level it's about the adventure of searching out another great reading experience. From comic books to pulp fiction, classic literature to fantasy and science fiction, this podcast celebrates the joys of literature, and the hunt for the next great read! It is also a community sourced podcast. So if you would like to contribute an episode feel free to email

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Neil Stephenson's Seveneves (2015)

Updated about 1 year ago.

This week Michael from Texas takes a look at Neil Stephenson and his 2015 speculative fiction novel, Seveneves. It's a big book with big ideas and quite a few big twists along the way as well. Apologies for the initial audio in the first ten minutes due to some technical blunders. Thanks for listening and reach out with thoughts, comments, suggestions or contributions at