Play the Game 2015

Audio files from Play the Game 2015, 25-28 October 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Physical activity in Europe: Cause for concern? Part 1

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Play the Game 2015
Physical activity in Europe: Cause for concern? Part 1
ICSSPE Partner Session
Tuesday 27 October 2015, 09:00-11:40

Chair: Richard Bailey

Marvin Radford, External Relations Manager, International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) (DK)
Maja Pilgaard, Head of research, Danish Institute for Sports Studies (DK)
Martin Holzweg, Scientific Adviser, European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) (LU)
Rose-Marie Repond, Scientific Adviser Bern University of Applied Sciences, Federal Institute of sport, Magglingen (CH)
Michael Filtenborg Health Consultant Danish Federation for Company Sport (DK)
Richard Bailey, PhD and Senior Researcher, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) (GER)

Play the Game 2015 operated under the subtitle "global sport: reform or revolution" and gathered around 350 journalists, scientists and sport officials on the 25-29th of October in Play the Game's home town of Aarhus, Denmark.

Play the Game is an international conference and communication initiative aiming to strengthen the ethical foundation of sport and promote democracy, transparency and freedom of expression in sport. It is run by the Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idan), an independent institution set up by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The task of Idan is to create overview over and insight into the field of sport nationally and internationally.