Battery + Storage Podcast

Troutman Pepper energy partner Bill Derasmo talks with battery and storage experts from across the industry. The podcast shares the unique perspectives of industry veterans and thought leaders, exploring how they are deploying this new and exciting technology.

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Episode 8 - Interview With Jeff Bishop

Updated 7 months ago.

In this episode, Troutman Pepper Partner Bill Derasmo interviews Jeff Bishop, the CEO of Key Capture Energy, a dynamic energy storage company with significant projects in New York, California, and several other markets. The podcast addresses in great detail the specifics of what has allowed their projects to “pencil out” and identifies some key issues in terms of monetizing the value stack associated with batteries. Mr. Bishop also discusses the challenges of starting a new company and dealing with both the equity and debt sides of funding. Don’t miss what may be our most “meaty” episode to date.