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Ep. 31: Bye-Bye Bible Study! Peace Out Praise Team!

Updated a long time ago.

In church culture, there are quite a few programs, ministries, and group events that have no end date. So, how do we leave these when the time to move on has come, without hurting feelings or burdening others? Is there always a way to make a graceful exit?


Host: Matt Coker
Guests: Megan Oaks & Deidra Coker

Featured Music: "Guide Us On" by Alexon, from the album "Ancient of Days"
Find this song and more from Alexon on!

Game Time: We play "Church Family Feud" and things spiral out of control when they can't name a single song by the Newsboys before Michael Tait joined.

Back Talk: We talk about church programs and groups we've had to leave in the past and how difficult the process is and we attempt to find a solution.

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