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Troutman Pepper energy partner Bill Derasmo talks with battery and storage experts from across the industry. The podcast shares the unique perspectives of industry veterans and thought leaders, exploring how they are deploying this new and exciting technology.

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Interview With Mikhail Nikomarov

Updated 3 months ago.

In this episode, Troutman Pepper Partner Bill Derasmo interviews Bushveld Energy Co-Founder and CEO Mikhail Nikomarov. As the developer of a vanadium-based, long-duration flow battery, Bushveld Energy provides energy solutions to clients worldwide. During the podcast, Bill and Mikhail examine a variety of market issues, such as how to qualify a storage facility as transmission, while also allowing it to participate in energy markets, as well as potential regulatory solutions to such a regulated/market paradigm. Tapping into his unique insights, Mikhail further provides an in-depth discussion on his company's vanadium-based solution and why it can be a superior long-duration solution.