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Soul Sanctuary Inc. presents a potent blend of soulful music and engaging talk through an assortment of regularly-scheduled radio programming. We've got something for everyone...jazz, funk, soul, hiphop, talk and much more. Hosted by Your VibeMistress Stephanie Renée and other special guest contributors. Give us a listen! Twitter: @Soul_Sanc IG: @SoulSanctuaryPHL FB: The Soul Sanctuary Radio Congregation

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Updated 10 months ago.

Soul Sanctuary Radio is proud to present our new talk program COMMUNION - Where Everyone Has A Seat At The Table...Come Get Fed!

On this show, we will address issues of race, gender, sexuality, faith
and activism. Co-hosted by Your VibeMistress Stephanie Renée and Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart.

TOPICS: Marvel Comic Universe’s big announcements at ComicCon on diversifying their next two years of upcoming releases ethnically and with regard to gender; spirituality found in the comic realm and science-fiction with authors like Octavia Butler; how to recognize, appreciate and discuss issues of culture and spirituality with children