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KWR # 236 Tasty Space Cells

Updated about 1 month ago.

Punk Rock scientific knowledge from Boston's own Linnea Herzog of LINNEA'S GARDEN. Hilariously provocative, clearly our most intelligent guest (except one), Linnea will incite you with a lust for "WHY NOT!?!" while explaining why, YOU SHOULD! Outspoken and tongue in cheek alt/punk, meet Linnea. Covid Scientific Method? Vaccine info from an actual scientist? How is a brain like a guitar? Also NYC hardcore band BUGGIN with "Brainfreeze" teases while we talk Marilyn Manson, The Servant, Bigfoot fiction, Sleep Paralysis and The Shadow People #kettlewhistleradio #NYChardcore #Bostonpunkrock2021 #BugginBrainfreeze #bugginnychardcore #sleepparalysis #linneasgarden