The Bible Code

The Bible should be read as a personal message to the reader. However, most people listen to the Bible as if they are listening to the flight attendant who is pointing out the safety features of the plane. They simply do not think it applies to them. So, reading the Bible is the proper manner changes everything. This is the Bible Code.

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We Aren't Slip Sliding Away

Updated a long time ago.

Many people are practical deists. They believe that God has given us all that we need to do in the Bible without any of it having to directed specifically toward any of us. In other words, God has set everything in motion and now only watches to see if we will do as He has asked. They do not see God as actively involved in His creation. They do not believe that Christians "hear" from God today. This message says that God speaks to His people if they will listen and obey. It tells how the individual Christian can live a life intimately with a living God.
This message may scare some people because it states clearly that God is dangerous. He is not malevolent but those who listen and obey will do things they never would have attempted otherwise. So, listen if you are willing to go where you have been afraid to go before.