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Manga Mavericks EP. 137: "Mujirushi"

Updated 3 months ago.

Boo! That’s the sound a vuvuzela makes, at least according to the series we’re talking about today. That’s right, Naoki Urasawa superfan and lettering enthusiast Aidan joins us to discuss the first Urasawa manga we’re covering on the show - Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams!

We discuss how the series reflects Urasawa’s storytelling principles while differing stylistically in interesting ways, and gush over his art and color pages! We also discuss the lettering found in Urasawa’s books, translation differences across different editions, and the layout of the book itself!

Oh, and of course, we analyze Urasawa’s reinterpretation of everyone’s favorite buck-toothed francophile from the Osomatsu-kun franchise, and the surprising depth Urasawa brings out in such a silly character!

So head the vuvuzela’s call and listen closely to our discussion of this bande dessinee! Sheeh!

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00:00 - Intro
06:32 - Background of Mujirushi
16:50 - Urasawa’s Writing and Humor
20:27 - Urasawa’s Optimism
23:57 - Urasawa’s Endings
26:35 - Iyami
32:02 - Kasumi
38:54 - Urasawa’s Storytelling
46:30 - Urasawa’s Art
51:46 - The Lettering in Urasawa’s Books
1:04:10 - The Translations of Urasawa’s Books
1:06:56 - The Book and Layout
1:13:18 - Final Thoughts and Recommendations
1:21:00 - Guest Plugs
1:25:02 - Community Shout-Outs:

1:48:42 - Wrap-Up & Future Plans

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