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A BLAST of motivation, inspiration, spirituality, and empowerment by the transformational speaker, author of the Hay House book "African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy" and goddess oracle deck, "African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards." Abiola also offers the Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards and the African Goddess Affirmation Cards. Womanifesting.com is home of the Empowered Lifestyle, and Midwife for the Inspired Life, Coach Abiola Abrams.

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Your Spirit Guides

Goddess Temple Podcast - Motivation, Inspiration, Spirituality


Your Spirit Guides

Updated about 1 year ago.

Join me for the College of Psychic Studies UK NEW VIRTUAL WORKSHOP! Manifesting with the Ancestors & Goddesses, Sunday November 6th, 2022, 10AM EST

Link: https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/workshops/ancestral-healing/manifesting-with-the-ancestors-goddesses/?id=4208

Current Offering: Only £75.00

From their site:
Learn more at: http://TinyURL.com/AbiolaUKOnline

"Honouring our ancestors should never just be an afterthought. Ancestor veneration is essential for our personal growth and evolution. Discover why and how in this livestream workshop with legendary goddess Abiola Abrams, Zooming in with us from her HQ in Guyana.

Our ancestors include our family and bloodline ancestors. They also include cultural and community ancestors, and terrestrial or territory-based ancestors. These ancestors have immense wisdom and guidance for us. Our ancestral spirit guides can assist us in manifesting our goals and creating a beautiful life - if we know how to honour them.

In this livestream workshop with the goddess that is Abiola Abrams, you will meet your ancestors and ancestral spirit guides. You will learn how to honour them and receive their guidance for manifesting your heart's desires.

If you don't know your ancestors, you can still benefit from this work. You may choose to work with goddess energy in these practices.

Abiola will also address the following common questions:
Do I need an ancestral altar or shrine?
What if I have problematic ancestors?
If my ancestry DNA results doesn't match my family oral history, who do I venerate?
Is ancestral veneration the same as ancestor worship?
Do my ancestors want me to do things exactly as they did?
What if I dislike my family?
What if I do not know my ancestors?

Manifesting with the Ancestors and Goddesses will allow you to call in greater abundance in love, intuition, confidence, compassion, money and self-love.

Let's take this journey together and the answers to all of your ancestral questions will become clear."

Learn more at: http://TinyURL.com/AbiolaUKOnline