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Two lifelong music fans with wildly different tastes get together and attempt to find a middle ground. Expect to hear music from all genres (but probably not much jazz!), lots of chat and trivia in our fortnightly show.

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The Richy & Jeff Show #32

Updated a long time ago.

WE'RE BACK! But, it's been such a long time since our last show that I've forgotten how to write a witty intro!

Suffice to say, that we have a lot to talk about and play a load of great tracks, from a bona-fide rock classic, via a slice of weirdo pop to a heart-breakingly beautiful cover version.

Oh, and unfortunately there's some Robbie Williams (courtesy of Jeff, of course) and a snippet of Simply Red from Richy (?!)

Hope you enjoy the show, thanks as always for listening!

Richy & Jeff

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