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KWR # 191: Infectiously Groovy

Updated about 1 year ago.

Halloween is coming, our prime time of the year. What do killer clowns and donuts have in common? From knife wielding clowns to man-eating donuts, we have you covered. Mark Statler and his Creepy Classic Chiller Band roll out your zombie soundtrack to the Living Dead Weekend 2018 and some talk on Damien Leone's clown epic, Terrifier, the French-made INSIDE, and Attack of the Killer Donuts. Yep, its deadly pastries and C. Thomas Howell talk with plenty of true creepy clown stories; some anime to watch and not watch, and Lurkers. #Terrifier #DamienLeone #Attackofthekillerdonuts #YardPanther #Nightofthelivingdead #fairlydarkproductions #KettleWhistleRadio #yourmom #killerclowns