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Ep 199: Mr. Dinner

Updated 8 months ago.

The "Mr. Dinner" bit wasn't even something we talked about during the episode, but it was definitely the funniest thing we said all night so I had to make it the title. Like, what if Mr. Noodle and Kraft Dinner made a food? It was funnier in person you had to be there.

This week, we try to discern what people are saying about Death Stranding, figure out whether an ice-cream-based pokemon is made of ice cream or just made of meat that *looks* like ice cream, bitch about how we like Outer Worlds but just want to pick every possible knit we can about it, and start trying to figure out whether 2019 was a "good year" for video games.

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Beer of the Week: SuperFluxx Candyland 'Beer'

Hosts: Chris Norris, Kelly Wright, Mike Parker, Steph Fan, Jack Shirai
Music by Sebastian Bender