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'All-Comic Interviews...' is our (hopefully) weekly podcast that focuses on interviews with comic creators from around the world. I know, that was a hard one to guess.

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All-Comic Interviews... André Lima Araújo

Updated a long time ago.

André Lima Araújo, or just André for short, it's an amazing artist from books like Avengers A.I. (with Sam Humphries, and it's amazing and you need to go buy the two trades that collect the whole series) and Spider-Verse as part of the Secret Wars mega-universe altering event, but what you may not know is that he has his own, creator owned project. It's call Man Plus and it puts all his other work to shame. Man Plus is out from Titan Comics July 8th and it's an absolute must-buy comic. You can follow him on Twitter @erdna11 to see more about the book and, of course, connect with this fantastic artist, creator, writer and all-around good dude. Thanks to André again for taking the time and being our first interviewee all the way from Portugal.