Shop Talk by GameTime Sidekicks

Shop Talk by GameTime Sidekicks is a Podcast where we, GameTime Sidekicks, will be inviting you in to the everyday college football conversations we have as a company. We are a NCAA Stainless Steel DrinkWare brand that loves to talk sports and wanted to bring these conversations to you, the fans. Our Podcasts will have a heavy focus towards SEC Football but will cover the entire landscape of CFB as well. We record at our home base here in Knoxville, TN in our conference room/putting green and are excited to be able to offer a way for us to have a direct line to fans of College Football, since we are also all fans ourselves.

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3.1: Freebasing Predictions

Updated about 11 days ago.

Shop Talk is back! The offseason is over and we are back with some college football talk.

-Preseason Top 10 Opinions
-Gators Preview
-Dawgs Preview
-Should Kelly Bryant get a ring?
-Playoff Predictions and more!

*Note: The episode opens with us reading and joking about a news story we saw on ESPN. I hope our sarcasm is relayed and is not taken serious :)