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Manga Mavericks @ Movies #32: Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission

Updated about 9 days ago.

Manga Mavericks @ Movies has finally left the year of 2017 and returned triumphantly in 2019 to discuss all the latest theatrical anime screenings! Finally, at long last, we’re releasing newly recorded podcasts about newly released movies! Well, as new as a movie that came out five years ago is, at any rate. That’s right, Manga Mavericks @ Movies is starting off 2019 by discussing Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, recently released into North American theaters by Viz Media and CineLife Entertainment! The Mavericks finally got to see this movie at long last, but was it worth the wait? Well, not to spoil anything, but I sincerely hope this is the last time we’ll have to talk about this movie. Listen to our often hilarious and sometimes surprisingly serious review of this film and learn why if you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan watching this movie is the last thing you’ll ever want to do!

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