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The oral history of Jerry Sherlock and family

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Updated about 1 year ago.

I have more time now in retirement so I can dig into the archives for the Jerry Sherlock Story. The time has come to share these two stories that Dad wouldn’t initially let me publish.

So let’s set the scene for this segment of my conversation with Dad. I was recording with him, outdoor in Smithfield, RI on Sunday, July 29, 2007.

For part of this recording session, I had some clarifications that I wanted to make on some of the stories covered thus far. One of the clarifications sparked a couple of stories he had not told ‘the kids’ (meaning my brothers and sisters).

As I processed the files for publication, Dad had me hold off on these two stories as his grandchildren were too young. Time has marched on. Dad has left us now going on 7 years and the youngest of the grandchildren is now over 21. I see no reason why we can share the stories now. I believe Dad would approve.