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Choochagatari is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Choochagatari 27: A Grand Send-off

Updated 9 months ago.

Choochagatari bids farewell to Trixie this episode, but that doesn't stop any small amount of fun from happening. Everyone went hard in on calling out Dr. Stone's nonsensical developments, while bemoaning its patchwork science and plot. Elvie took one for the team and tried out Kandagawa Jet Girls, while John's been getting in character with Carnival Phantasm. Rose is frustrated and tired of irony and self-awareness, and Trixie has a few recommendations on what to watch before her fateful departure.

The opening to this episode is Dark Cherry Mystery by Kaori Mizuhashi and the ending is My Friend by Miyuhan.

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