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How Generation Z Will Change The World | Student Takeover 20

Liquid Church Message Video


How Generation Z Will Change The World | Student Takeover 20

Updated about 1 month ago.

In this message from Liquid Church, Youth Pastor Jonathan Wilson shares that the bravery he sees in Generation Z takes them one step closer to changing the world. But how? We learn in the Old Testament of the Bible that Moses prepared Joshua to follow his God-given purpose of leading God’s people to the Promised Land. Likewise, today, every student is just one caring adult away from unleashing their God-given potential.

We live in such a complex time that most adults instinctively want to protect the next generation from its dangers. But, we need to shift our perspective and realize that God has placed an explosive power and potential in Gen Z that has the ability to impact our world for the glory of Christ. That means Gen Z needs to be UNLEASHED upon the world - not shielded from it.

Student Takeover | Pastor Jonathan Wilson | Liquid Church

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