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Choochagatari Episode 10: The Nut Episode

Updated a long time ago.

Shall we skate? This answer and much more is answered on the first double digits episode of Choochagatari when the crew discusses anime sensation Yuri on Ice. Is the world famous boy's love anime as good as people say it is, or does it flop like a first time skater on the ice?

Later, Pokemon has some cheap moves, Rose brings up a girl Nobunaga as usual, Trixie can't even get through Corpse Party, the Manga Minute occurs, and the crew get scolded for not watching enough gambling anime.

This week's opening song is Yuri on Ice's OP, History Maker, and the ending is Mob Psycho 100 2's opening, 99.9, since I couldn't find an upload of the YOI ending in two minutes and I was lazy.

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