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Episode 6: Street Fighter 101

Updated a long time ago.

It's the week after the most exciting release of 2016. That's right Cookie Clicker 2 has dropped! And we're here for all your idling needs.

Also Street Fighter 5 is out, kinda, and we have on two of the closest thing to experts on the game I could find to teach us all how not to jump into uppercuts. There's fight-talk aplenty this week as the guys dissect the pros and cons of the game, how to get into the genre, what got them into the genre, and just a whole ton on fight games in general.

There's also a bit of talk on Deadpool, both the movie and the character, and how the internet kind of ruins everything good.

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, Kelly Wright, David Beebe, Benoit Busque

Beer of the Week: Unibroue's Éphémère Apple

Music by Sebastian Bender