Retro Vs. Remake

Retro Vs. Remake is a bi-weekly audio podcast focusing on classic films and their subsequent remakes (no sequels!). The podcast is hosted by Dan Bulich and Reggie Parker who watch both films, analyze, and discuss the merits of the movies. It's an unscripted and at times humorous exploration of art and commercialism.

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Retro Vs. Remake 64: Jumanji (1995 vs. 2017)

Updated 2 months ago.

A young man is trapped in a supernatural game, decades later a new group has to play, can they avoid the wildlife, traps, and villains or will they be lost to the jungle. It's more than just a game and all this can mean only one thing we're comparing Jumanji and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in this episode of Retro vs. Remake!