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Getting Ready for a New Era of COVID-19 Related Phishing

Updated 5 months ago.

COVID-19 has rapidly taken over the headlines across the globe. As with many other major events, threat actors are quick to adapt relevant topics as part of their phishing campaigns to increase the likelihood of success. The same rings true for COVID-19, especially due to its global impact.

On this latest Eye on Security podcast, John Atrache, Principal Consultant for Mandiant, joins Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst for Mandiant Threat Intelligence to discuss all things email in the time of COVID-19. They cover a variety of topics, including how threat actors are continuously updating their phishing campaigns as new developments around the pandemic arise. They also cover the importance of organizations increasing their vigilance during these challenging times, and how to implement quick and effective hardening controls to mitigate the risk of successful phishing attack.

Listen to the episode today, and then learn even more by checking out our blog post on COVID-19 themed phishing attacks and how to manage email phishing risks: https://www.fireeye.com/blog/executive-perspective/2020/03/managing-email-phishing-risks.html