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Cyber Security Through the Eyes of a Journalist

Updated 7 months ago.

In this episode, we have something a little different. We're excited that Sean Lygaas (@Snlyngaas), Senior Reporter at CyberScoop, has joined host Luke McNamara to share a different perspective on many of the same cyber security stories and events that we work on in parallel here at FireEye.

Sean and Luke kick off their conversation by discussing which stories Sean considers top priority. These days his mornings entail reviewing election security, and then he starts chasing the timely stories he finds most interesting. Sean also shared the difference between what is news and what is research when it comes to writing a story.

With the election being so close, we of course turned to the topic of disinformation. Sean shared the difficulties of writing about information operations and his approach of attempting to report on it without amplifying fear or paranoia. We also explored the impact and intent of these operations.

Listen to the episode to hear Sean’s thoughts on the future of media and news consumption, and the cybersecurity topics he thinks we will be reading about in the news in the coming year.