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The Big Two is a comic book podcast centered around Marvel and DC. With segments like Comic Shop Adventures, What's On Your Mind? With Hosts Joey Galvez & Chanel Ward Twitter: @TheBigTwoPod Instagram: thebigtwopodcast Facebook: @TheBigTwoPodcast

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Frolic With The Mermaids

Updated about 1 month ago.

In this episode Joey and Chanel discuss Superman Year One Book 2, Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool #1, Powers Of X (10)#3,Year Of The Villain Black Mask #1. What's On Your Mind?They have a discussion about how overwhelming it can be with a plethora of Variants/Tie In's to purchase on NCBD. Stay tuned to the very end for The Big Two special featured artist Dart Danger.

Intro (0:00)
Superman Year One Book 2 (4:53)
Absolute Carnage VS Deadpool #1 (20:14)
What's On Your Mind?
Overwhelming Variants/Tie In's (34:52)
Powers Of X (10) (44:09)
YOTV Black Mask #1 (1:01:05)
Closing (1:12:49)
Dart Danger “Survivor”(1:16:55)

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Instagram: thebigtwopodcast

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Stay Tuned to the very End
This episode special featured Artist is
Dart Danger “Survivor” from the album
Dark Passenger