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The Big Two is a comic book podcast centered around Marvel and DC. With segments like Comic Shop Adventures, What's On Your Mind? With Hosts Joey Galvez & Chanel Ward Twitter: @TheBigTwoPod Instagram: thebigtwopodcast Facebook: @TheBigTwoPodcast

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As Popular As Darkseid

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In this episode Joey introduces his new permanent Co-Host Chanel Ward a newbie to the Comic Book Geek Culture. Joey welcomes her to the show by discussing Powers Of X(10), Batman: The Last Knight On Earth, Silver Surfer Prodigal Sun #1, Lois Lane #1. They Discuss what they bought in the shop this week in The Comic Shop Adventures Segment. Joey asks what is Chanel's most sought after book in The What's On Your Mind Segment. So stick around while i spell check the show notes !!

Intro (0:00)
Powers Of X(10) (3:56)
Batman: The Last Knight On Earth (20:35)
Comic Shop Adventures (33:37)
Silver Surfer Prodigal Sun #1 (48:15)
Lois Lane #1 (55:51)
What's On Your Mind (1:04:56)
Closing (1:11:29)

Twitter: @TheBigTwoPod
Instagram: thebigtwopodcast
Facebook: @TheBigTwoPodcast