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The Big Two is a comic book podcast where we discuss Marvel & DC books. With Hosts Joey Galvez & Chanel Ward Twitter: @TheBigTwoPod Instagram: thebigtwopodcast Facebook: @TheBigTwoPodcast

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Party Like It's 2099

Updated about 9 days ago.

Joey invites Nate Vandenburg back into The Big Two Studio, this time to fill in as guest Co-Host. They discuss Fantastic Four 2099, The Question: The Deaths Of Vic Sage Book 1. In the first segment "What's In Your Pull List" they discuss what they're most excited about in 2020. In the second segment "What's On your Mind" they discuss favorite Marvel & DC Movies.
In the third and final segment Joey rolls out the "20 Questions" segment to test how well Nate can guess which X-Men character joey is thinking about. big thanks to Nate for stopping by. Plug in and stick around for this one!!

Opening (0:00)
What's In Your Pull List? (3:17)
FF2099 (16:48)
What's On Your Mind? (25:25)
The Question (46:21)
20 Questions (57:34)
Closing (01:07:43)

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