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How To Train Your Brain Away From Toxic Thoughts | Part 2: M

Liquid Church Message Video


How To Train Your Brain Away From Toxic Thoughts | Part 2: M

Updated 3 months ago.

Have you been living in a cycle of toxic thought patterns? The truth is, our brains can be a battlefield at times. However, you don’t need to submit to negative thinking. When anxiety, fear and depression hit, there is a way to healing and victory. Throughout the New Testament, the Apostle Paul teaches us that there is a renewal process for our minds. We really can retrain our brains away from toxic thoughts and meditate on positive thoughts that give life.

In this message from part 2 of Liquid Church’s series, Mastermind, Pastor Kayra Montanez highlights 3 things we can put into practice to train our brains and change our lives. Replace your rut of negative thoughts by digging a trench of truth with God’s word. Then, write it, think it, and profess that truth until you believe it.

It may take time and it won’t be easy, but when you follow this process, you will create new thought patterns that God will use to renew your mind and transform your life.

Mastermind Series | Pastor Kayra Montanez | Liquid Church

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