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All aboard the Video Game Choo Choo! Next stop, videogame industry commentary with your favorite conductors John, Janie, Elvie, Scott, Trixie, Walker, Solon, Zack, Spencer, Rose, and Niall!

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VGCC Episode 332: Disgraceful Beast

Updated 7 months ago.

It’s a bite-sized episode of Chooch this week, but some things at least kinda happened! Christine’s been staying up late and is very excited for some XIV photoshoots, and has been dipping into 13 Sentinels, John’s been messing around on the 3DS, Sony has finally clarified backwards-compatibility on the PS5, Hades works surprisingly well as a pass-and-play game, development on Indivisible has halted, Genchin Impact is still really solid, Cyberpunk staff are crunching, Rambo’s coming to MK11, Hanna-Barbera sucks, and we snack on some Christine Fries and Michonski Biscuits.