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Dr. Mahta Rasouli - Telemedicine & E-Eyecare

Updated 12 months ago.

Interview with Dr. Mahta Rasouli, OMD. Have you wondered if there is anything coming to displace fax in our profession, or if there is a better way to send referrals and co-manage patients with OMDs?

Dr. Mahta Rasouli is an ophthalmologist practicing in Edmonton, Alberta. She is the founder and national medical director of e-eyecare. She identified a need for change in our health care system after treating many
patients who are forced to travel to Edmonton from hundreds of kilometers away. After studying the subject further, she realized that many issues related to eye care
could be managed remotely by an ophthalmologist. This lead to the creation of e-eyecare, as a save-and-forward method of information delivery, with the hope of
enhancing Canadian patients’ access to ocular care, and saving our health care system
much needed funds.

Her platform is live and functional, and you can access it for free via

For questions, you can contact Dr. Rasouli at