Music of Mind Control

Music of Mind Control is a podcast highlighting the wonderful world of organizations and religious cults that practice mind control techniques and the weird, awful music they produce. Hosted by Amy and The Commander.

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MoMC ep. 13

Updated a long time ago.

WE'RE BACK! We're back after many month long hiatus to bring you more morally ambiguous audio trash from the lowest depths of human frailty! Some hispanic/indian folk fusion from Sahaja Yoga, flash mob ejaculations from The World Mission Society Church of God, folky sunshine psych from Jews for Jesus, and more!

Sahaja Yoga - For Mataji (part 1)
Prem and Daya Rawat - Bhajan
The World Mission Society Church of God - I Have Already Come
Yahweh Poetic ( The Celestial Federation of Yahweh) - Third Day
The Liberated Wailing Wall (Jews for Jesus) - Jesus' Holy Name
David Koresh - Don't You Be A Laodacean
Tammy Bakker - Oops There Comes a Smile