The Orange & Teal Podcast

Communication scholars and passionate nerds Nathaniel Stoltz and Annie Laurie Nichols discuss topics they're passionate about, from cupcakes to progressive metal to trees to art movements. Each episode centers on a randomly selected adjective (seriously, they use a random generator) to which each responds with two affiliated topics.

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Episode 9: Sonorous

Updated a long time ago.

We venture into musical territory in this episode as Annie Laurie informs us about a monument that plays itself and the album she wrote her entire dissertation to, while Nathaniel discusses the sound of the 1980s and the complicated legacy of one of his musical icons.

*NOTE*: We will be moving to a biweekly schedule temporarily due to the rigors of the teaching semester. Also, Nathaniel's computer died, taking the old theme music with it, so you may notice some slight differences in the mix of it.