State of the Hack

State of the Hack is hosted by FireEye's Christopher Glyer (@cglyer) and Nick Carr (@itsreallynick), that discusses the latest in information security, digital forensics, incident response, cyber espionage, APT attack trends, and tales from the front lines of significant targeted intrusions.

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S2E08: DerbyCon Edition with Nate Warfield

Updated about 1 year ago.

Christopher Glyer and Nick Carr interview Nate Warfield (@n0x08) on his experience working at Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC). They discuss how Nate's team manages the vulnerability reporting and fix/remediation process across Microsoft's range of products/services. And debated what makes the BlueKeep and DejaBlue vulnerabilities different from previous vulnerabilities and why this particular set of vulns took so long to have public exploit code available. Nate also shared his first-hand experience with responding to the Shadow Brokers release of exploits and thoughts on the release of the WannaCry worm.