Vivian Beaumont and Vivian Beaumont

Two octagenarian philanthropist widows talk about themselves

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Vivian Beaumont 8: Space Plan

Updated a long time ago.

Drugs that knocked Vivian out, Sleep Number Adjustable Bed cured her problem, mistaken for homelessman, blasting the homeless into space, Doctor Dave, You can't kick a homeless person in space, two-year space suit, Jesus? Tom Selleck? Bill Paxton?, Vivian brings Vivian a special guest for an interview and exits through the pressure chamber doors, Vivian convinces the homeless man Vivian's homeless space plan is a good idea, homeless man giving pills to Vivian and raping her, he reveals his true identity, Vivian takes action against the doctor, Vivian returns through the pressure chamber doors, Vivian's vulva is ripped to shreds, Esmerelda and the song by Heart, Betty impaled herself onto a mailbox stick, Vivian squeezed Betty's tube and killed Mary, Vivian and Vivian mopped up blood with their hair during the war, Vivian does not get political, Is Vivian even American?, Proud to be an American musical tribute