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Manga Mavericks EP. 97: Yozakura Family and Mitama Security

Updated 10 months ago.

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, after the usual dose of manga-related news, Colton and Lum talk about the two newest series from Shonen Jump! Mission: Yozakura Family being an action-packed story about a kid who gets married into an assassin family, and Mitama Security: Spirit Busters being a new gag manga about an exorcist who is afraid of ghosts! Other topics of discussion include the addition of Boys Over Flowers to the Shonen Jump vault, the upcoming adaptations of some of Junji Ito's manga, and the results of Dr Stone's 2nd character popularity poll! Join us next time as we discuss the 80's shojo manga hit, Banana Fish! Enjoy!


0:00:00 - Intro

0:01:31 - Eisner Award Winners

0:03:58 - July Bookscan List

0:08:33 - Bloom Into You is Ending

0:09:30 - Shonen Jump Plus age-restricted to 17+ users

0:13:46 - The Promised Neverland enters "climax" of final arc

0:15:56 - The Last Saiyuki has ended

0:19:45 - Boys Over Flowers added to the Shonen Jump vault

0:25:30 - Viz Media's Release of Golgo 13 will be available digitally

0:27:57 - Udon’s Rose Of Versailles to be released this December

0:29:42 - Seven Seas licenses Kase-san and Yamada

0:30:19 - Denpa licenses Rakuda Laughs and Shino Can't Say Her Name

0:32:39 - J-Novel Club licenses Sexiled

0:34:00 - Writer for Live Action One Piece has been chosen

0:38:23 - Streaming service Quibi to produce live action Tomie series

0:43:51 - New Uzumaki anime mini-series to air on Toonami in 2020

0:50:41 - Blade of the Immortal anime coming this October

0:54:40 - Anime NYC hosting Yoshiyuki Tomino

0:56:48 - 2nd Dr Stone Character Popularity Poll Results

New Simulpubs:

1:08:31 - Mission: Yozakura Family by Hitsuji Gondaira

1:24:57 - Mitama Security: Spirit Busters by Tsurun Hatomune

Community Shout-outs!

1:36:45 - "The Fragmentation of Anime Production" from Sakugabooru

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1:43:46 - Wrap-up