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Ep 42: Dumb & Dumber To or: The Second Coming Of Christmas!

Updated a long time ago.

Well hello there Ladies, Gentlemen and Smizmars! Welcome to another episode of our little podcast. Today we decided to sit down and record our innermost feelings about Dumb And Dumber To, the 2nd outing from Jim and Jeff as Lloyd and Harry. What did we think? Who was that mysterious man in the wheelchair? When will Paul have ever actually have seen something Brian refers to? These (but not necessarily all of these) may be answered inside!

We also took some time to go over the three recent trailers for other franchises having a resurgence. What did we think of those? Was Brian's head frazzled by time travel yet again? When did Star Lord decide to work at a Dinosaur park (Not that we blame him)? Check us out to find out!

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