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Ted Lasso | Part 1: At The Movies

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Ted Lasso | Part 1: At The Movies

Updated 2 months ago.

Nothing moves the human spirit like the stories we see on our screens! But is there a spiritual point to what we watch? Take the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. In the show, main character Ted is an American football coach who takes on a new role with the English Premier League - which means now, he’s coaching soccer, and he knows nothing about it. In part 1 of Liquid Church’s annual At The Movies series, guest speaker Zach Taylor shares how main character Ted responds to all his critics, enemies and even his own team in a way that echoes the humility and compassion of Christ. In the face of opposition, Ted is kind, compassionate, forgiving, and truly cares for the team he coaches.

While Ted’s fans, his team, and even the owner of the team think he is a joke, He doesn’t let criticism offend him. The truth is, when others hurt you or offend you, Satan, the enemy of your souls, would love for you to remain offended. Why? Because then, you’ll never actually become effective in sharing God’s love and the hope of Christ with the world.

At The Movies is an annual series by Liquid Church where we explore the truths behind Hollywood’s greatest movies and TV shows. We pray that this fun and powerful series will help you connect to God’s word!
"This message features short clips from the critically acclaimed streaming television series, Ted Lasso available on Apple TV+. No copyright is claimed for Ted Lasso and we assert that use of the short clips within this sermon is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright law.
At The Movies 2021 Series | Zach Taylor | Liquid Church

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