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The Keys To Financial Freedom | Generous Livin’ Part 3

Liquid Church Message Video


The Keys To Financial Freedom | Generous Livin’ Part 3

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In American culture, it’s relatively rare to act your wage. Society has taught us to aspire to acquire. Bigger and better is the typical American way! However, the problem with living in this mindset leads to all sorts of material - and even spiritual - bondage. Matthew 6:24 says that “You cannot serve both God and money.” So what is the key to financial freedom?

In this message from the conclusion of Liquid Church’s Generous Livin’ series, Pastor Kayra Montanez shares 3 Bible-based, practical principles to break the power of greed in your life and instead, trust God’s Spirit with all the gifts He gives you.

Watch this message from Liquid Church to learn how you can start finding financial freedom in a material world!

Generous Livin’ Series | Pastor Kayra Montanez | Liquid Church
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