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Is Pride A Sin? | All I Want For Christmas Part 3

Updated 9 months ago.

We’re going to talk about our pride. Yes, you’re pride… because if we’re honest with ourselves, it is something that we all struggle with. If you reflect upon it, chances are that every time you stepped out of God’s best for your life, and took things into your own hands, it was a result of your pride. And, the bigger the pride, the larger and the harder the fall.

But, this Christmas God is asking you to lay down your pride at his feet, and walk humbly with Him. So, how do you become humble? Humility is something you put on and practice! And there are two great ways to practice humility.

#1) When you walk humbly… you give generously. When we give gifts or give up our time for someone else, we are saying that something, or someone is more important than us.

#2) When you walk humbly… you gravitate towards gratitude. Every good, positive, and beautiful thing in our lives is not our doing or something we deserve, but a gift and a blessing from God.

In this message from Pastor Zach Taylor, learn that when you walk humbly, you’ll gain grace. Because if pride comes before the fall… then God’s grace and favor rests on the humble. This Christmas, walk humbly with God!

All I Want For Christmas Series | Pastor Zach Taylor | Liquid Church
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