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Are You Ready For Jesus To Return? | Resilient Part 7

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Are You Ready For Jesus To Return? | Resilient Part 7

Updated about 19 days ago.

How do you gauge your spiritual strength: are you thriving or surviving? Another way to ask this question: Is your tank spiritually FULL? Or are you running LOW? Is it time for an oil change? In the Bible, oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Those who are wise have lamps full of fresh oil, meaning they are filled with the Holy Spirit and ready for the return of Christ. But, the fools have a lamp, but they are out of oil, meaning they lack the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They aren’t ready for Jesus to return.

In this message from Pastor Tim Lucas, we hear that the Modern American Church is asleep and unmoved by the chaos and sin that’s become a “normal” part of life. The church is desperately low on oil! Many Christians are not ready for the moment of Christ’s return - they are foolish and sadly, out of oil. Pastor Tim presents some convicting and challenging statements to viewers.

If your Prayer life is more PATHETIC than POWERFUL-- it’s Time for an Oil Change!
If you find yourself growing SOUR. Cynical about life. It's Time for an Oil Change!
If you make PEACE with your secret sin-- you accept your addictions-- instead of waging war for your soul… it’s Time for an Oil Change!

Watch this video then take time for personal prayer. Invite God into your heart. Invite Him to wake you up and give your fresh oil and fresh strength in this season!

Resilient Series | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church
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