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How To Choose Unity in a World of Prejudice | The Third Opti

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How To Choose Unity in a World of Prejudice | The Third Opti

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In a world that is so divided, how do we choose unity over prejudice? We have been trained to create categorizations based on our differences. Black or white. Republican or democrat. Gay or straight. Old or young. Where does it stop?

In this message by Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of Liquid Church, we learn practical steps Christ-followers can take to choose unity in a world of racial prejudice and division over our differences. In this message, Pastor Tim shares 3 questions we can ask ourselves to identify roots of racism and division in our own hearts - so we can walk the path toward healing.

Pastor Tim challenges Jesus’ Church to stand up and lead the way to racial reconciliation, even if the conversation is painful and uncomfortable. How? We must move away from an “us” versus “them” culture and instead honor what we have in common with each other. Most importantly, that we are a beautifully diverse family through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are all brothers and sisters.

Join the conversation by watching this powerful message about race, prejudice and unity in Part 2 of Liquid Church’s series “The Third Option.” Change must come, and it has to start with you and me.

The Third Option | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church

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