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How God Can Restore Your Dreams | Part 2: Dream Again

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How God Can Restore Your Dreams | Part 2: Dream Again

Updated about 4 days ago.

Ever have a God-given dream, but feel like you keep facing setbacks? Maybe these setbacks make it feel like you’ll never reach your God-given purpose. See, when God reveals a dream for your life, it attracts enemy attention. Your bold dreams may attract haters who criticize you or put you down. However, God can restore your dream. While the devil has a plot, God has a plan to help you dream again!

In this message from Part 2 of Liquid Church’s “Dream Again” series, Pastor Tim Lucas shares how God can restore your dreams, just like he restored the dream of Joseph in Genesis. You see, Joseph was a man of God who was given a bold, God-sized dream as a teenager, but Joseph faced opposition from all sides before his dream came true 13 years later. Through all Joseph’s testing and all God’s delays, He never lost faith and kept trusting God. He knew that if God gave him the vision, He’d give him the provision to reach his dream and God-given purpose.

What dreams do you long for God to restore? Watch this message from Liquid Church to learn how God turned Joseph's setbacks into a set-up for his comeback - and can do the same for you!

Dream Again Series | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church

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