It's Hughezy, Hello!

It's Hughezy, Hello! really isn't any one type of podcast; it's a bit of everything. Sports talk, social issues, music debates, film talk and even some celebrity interviews. All done with a very Irish comedic spin.

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Ep. 25: Brian Cage, Felicia Rose, Valentines Day Party

Updated about 10 days ago.

on this epsisode, Hughezy talks to wrestler star Brian Cage about the rise of Impact and women in the industry, wether he seems AEW as a good or bad thing, dealing with dumb wrestling marks and of course: The Terminator franchise.

Hughezy also talks to Felicia Rose about her podcast The Screw and about her career as a indy manager, sexism within the industry, LGBTQ representation & of course: sexual kinks.

Hughezy also hosts his first ever Valentines Day Party with Joe Feeney, Jon Wanglund and debuting guest Niall Curran about a whole lot of controversial topics.