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It's Hughezy, Hello! really isn't any one type of it; it's a bit of everything. Sports talk, social issues, music debates, film talk and even some celebrity interviews. All done with a very Irish comedic spin.

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It's Hughezy, Hello! Ep. 17: Vince Russo, Gina Grad, Kiss

Updated about 20 hours ago.

on this episode Hughezy talks to wrestling legend Vince Russo about Stone Cold Steve Austin rumours, Scott Steiner stories, who he wants to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Howard Stern and original DX & nWo plans.

Hughezy then speaks to the HILARIOUS Gina Grad, co-host of the biggest podcast in the world, The Adam Corolla Show, about PC culture vs Christmas song, the Kevin Hart controversy, and her dream guests for the show.

Hughezy also debates the top 5 songs of Kiss with John Wanglund, host of the Wrestling With Reality podcast.