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Parenting Beyond Burnout | Mother’s Day 2021

Liquid Church Message Video


Parenting Beyond Burnout | Mother’s Day 2021

Updated about 1 month ago.

This Mother’s Day weekend, moms - and dads - across the nation are wrestling with burnout. Do you feel lethargic all the time? Overwhelmed? Do you feel like you haven’t stopped running the treadmill of life all year long trying to parent through a pandemic?

If you are tired from the pressure of parenting through the last year, then Pastor Kayra Montanez of Liquid Church has a message for you. In this message about Parenting Beyond Burnout, Pastor Kayra shares 3 things you can start going right now to help you get up from a place of languishing, to parenting with purpose again. So, whether you are a single parent who feels knocked down, a full-time worker also juggling homeschooling, or are just so exhausted from all that the pandemic has taken from you and your family this year, then God has a word of encouragement for you this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2021 | Pastor Kayra Montanez | Liquid Church

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