Unlimited Rail Works

URW is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Unlimited Rail Works Episode 101: Anime Bridge

Updated 12 months ago.

Back from the holidays but still not quite ready to Barakamon, URW sits down to talk about a bunch of miscellaneous anime. John's been keeping up with the weeklies, while Maverick enjoyed the serenity of the recently localized Laid Back Camp movie. Elvie has been on a Miyazaki Ghibli binge, and has a lot to say about that old man, and Rose is once again trying to get everyone to watch Donbrothers.

The opening to this episode is "Ore Koso Only One" by Win Morisaki, while the ending is "Don't Boo! Donbrothers", also by Win Morisaki.

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