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Duck Podcast - Episode 1 (2021-22 Season)

Updated 4 months ago.

This is the re-launch of the Duck Podcast and in this episode I'll discuss what I think the Ducks need to do this offseason to make sure what we saw last year isn't what we see next year. I'll also go over the Rumor Mill including whether or not the Ducks should pursue Jack Eichel or Matthew Tkachuk and what to do about Adam Henrique. I'll break down who I think the Ducks should protect, and expose, in the upcoming Expansion Draft and whether they should make any deals with the Kraken. I'll go over the Ducks new assistant coaches, new assistant GM and highlight a Random Duck of the Day to see what he's up to now and how he's helping hundreds of hockey players around the world! All that and more in this packed first episode of the 2021-22 season for the Duck Podcast.