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4 Efficient and Effective Behaviors that Increase Success

Updated about 5 days ago.

Many professionals agree that, while learning to deal with certain situations in certain ways can be beneficial, the true nature of successful behavior really begins within. In other words, you can study individual problems and how to deal with them, but the only way that you are going to be FULLY equipped to handle any situation is if you learn effective and efficient behavior patterns that literally change the way that you are and how you think. In this episode, we are actually going to discuss four different behaviors that you can take upon yourself to learn. These behaviors are sure-fire ways to change your perspective when it comes to your business, and can equip you with the tools that you need to move onto the next level.

Behavior #1…. Being Proactive
Humans are a unique type of creature in the way that they REACT to stimuli in an intelligent way. Unlike any other creature in the world, humans have the ability to decide for themselves how they will react to a particular situation or circumstance. Unlike humans, animals do not possess this ability. They respond to situations more like a computer program. They follow their instincts. But as humans, we have a choice.

Being proactive is a very human trait, and it is an especially prevalent behavior among very accomplished and professional businesspeople. In essence, to be proactive means to be the opposite of reactive. You need to move forward, always aware of your destination and of problems that might impede you. Once you get there, you will react accordingly. You might try to go around it, you might ask someone to fix it for you, or you might try to fix it yourself.

Being proactive, however, is quite different. If you go through life being proactive, then you will actively be aware of anything that could potentially slow you down or hinder you. You will also prepare yourself to deal with such problems before they arise, and will often find ways of turning them into opportunities. You will also be constantly aware of what is going on around you, and will be able to take appropriate action before the need to do something is thrust upon you. By acting quickly and before you must, you will often find that the advantage will belong to you, which is another HUGE benefit to being proactive.

To be proactive in life, start by looking around you at any possible problems that might be lingering. How can you use these problems to create new opportunities for yourself? That is what being proactive is all about!

Behavior #2… Begin Your Journey with the End Goal in Mind
Learning to think of the end first will allow you to set clear, defined goals as you journey towards a state of increased success. In a lot of ways, thinking about where you want to end up will give you a true, definable sense of purpose. To start with the end goal in mind, visualize where you would like to end up eventually. Where do you want your business to be? Where do you want to be as a person? What kind of house do you want to have? Then work backwards to create a specific game plan with the steps you need to take to achieve those end goals you desire.

Behavior #3… Prioritize
Putting the most important things having to do with your business first is, apparently, better advice than you might think! Did you know that putting ‘first things first’ is a behavior that many of the most successful men and women in the world have in common? Doing the most important, high payoff tasks first might be more difficult at times, but it pays off in the long run. It raises morale, ensures that the critical functions of your business will remain intact, and also helps you to utilize the most effective part of your day for the most vital aspects of your operation.

To start utilizing this behavior, make a list of things that you need to accomplish, starting with the most important item and ending with the least important. Every day, make it a point to work down this list in order. This will ensure that you get the most important things done TODAY, leaving the less important ones until the next day (if need be).

To download a complimentary copy of a sample Prioritized Action List™ (PAL) so that you can quickly get started, if you don’t already have something, go to This tool can be used by everyone on your team.

Behavior #4… Seek to ‘Understand’ Before You Are ‘Understood’
This is a very predominant behavior among the most successful people in the world. If you want to rise to the very top of your industry, then you need to be an individual who is willing to understand not only the true facts, but also the personalities, motivations, priorities, and loyalties of those around you. Before you can effectively make anyone else understand you, it is ESSENTIAL that you seek to understand those around you FIRST. There are a lot of advantages to this, and a lot of positive side effects, though it can be VERY difficult to do this… especially if you tend to be stubborn or headstrong anyway.

To put this behavior into effect in your life, make it a point to completely understand and empathize with every person that you are dealing with BEFORE you try to make them understand your side of the story. This will win you not only admiration among your employees, but also respect among your clients.

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