The Perfect Squares

Childhood friends Pyro and Quanta (erm... ok apparently we're going with our real names, Jessica and Lizzy) dissect popular culture from a safe distance. Like those kids in school who sat against the wall of the cafeteria to make fun of everyone else. Probably playing pogs or Magic: The Gathering or something.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Podcast

Updated a long time ago.

Good things come to those who wait and this good thing happens to be another episode of The Perfect Squares Podcast! At the request of an intrepid listener, Lizzy (@i_am_platypus) and Jessica (@jessicamerizan) host their first (and possibly only) booze-y podcast. Insightful, high-brow conversation includes: playing "Would You Rather," Zombie/Nuclear Apocalypse Survival Dream-Teams, a traumatic tale from Lizzy's formative years, and what the hell is up with Jeff Goldblum. Grab your favorite imbibing beverage, pull up a bar stool, and imagine you're there (or be grateful you're not). Debauchery!