The Four Sportsmen

Four diaper dandies sit down every week to discuss topics going on in sports. Mainly focusing on football, baseball, basketball, and hockey but will cover anything going on in the sports world of interest. The 4 sportsmen are based out of Kansas City, MO and strive to provide accurate sports information in an entertaining way that is not going over the top. If you have any questions or comments for the gang send any emails to Please follow the gang on Twitter at @4_sportsmen.

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Episode 24

Updated about 1 month ago.

The gang has Benny Heisler of on to discuss March Madness. The gang discusses NFL, NBA, and MLB as well. The mount sportsmen topic has the gang discussing their favorite college basketball players. Follow the gang on twitter @4_sportsmen, on Facebook @4sportsmen, or email them with any questions or comments at
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