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Tips for Effective Multi-Tasking for Business Professionals

Updated 12 months ago.

Multi-tasking can sometimes have a bad rap. It has been said that multi-tasking in any form is something you should never do, but as an entrepreneur, it’s almost a daily necessity. There are simply not enough hours in the day for you to afford “playing it by ear.” Your life and profession are under constant reprioritization, that’s the nature of being an entrepreneur. Don’t be intimidated by the rumors; multi-tasking can be an effective way to handle your workload. We are going to talk about several tips for effective multi-tasking.

Traits of Effective Multi-tasking
• Group like tasks together
• Create a to-do list
• Defined goals with the end result
• Budgeted time/schedule
• Remove distractions
• Undivided attention and focus

Effective multi-tasking for entrepreneurs is all about having a system in place to handle tasks with the greatest efficiency. First, you need to create a To-Do List or Master Task List; this will help you to see the big picture of the day’s duties and help keep you on track throughout the day. The goal is for the To-Do List to help you prioritize the “must do” tasks and complete them before the deadline.

That brings me to my next point, multi-tasking for professional and personal tasks should be handled in the same manner for entrepreneurs, because time is always of the essence. It is about being the most efficient and productive, 24/7, because your profit, or lack thereof, is always directly affected by your personal time.

One of the best tips for effective multi-tasking is to set a deadline for when these tasks need to get done. Being reminded of the goal that you are working toward will help motivate you to work with the greatest efficiency and within your deadline. Whether the motivation comes from money, the excitement of achieving a goal or the benefits of the end results, it makes no difference, as long as it motivates you to work with the greatest focus.

Ineffective Multi-tasking behaviors and traits include:
• Combining irrelevant tasks together
• Undefined goals
• Setting an indefinite deadline
• Working with distractions
• Continually switching gears without accomplishing anything
• Lack of focus

There’s a huge difference between effective multi-tasking and cramming unrelated tasks together. You’ve already learned what it takes for effective multi-tasking, now let’s take a look at what ineffective multi-tasking looks like.

One of the most common mistakes is to combine unrelated tasks together. You may think that it will save time, but more often than not, it ends up taking more time. Other common mistakes when handling multi-tasking is not establishing a deadline. Every goal, regardless of its nature, should have a clear, defined deadline. The reason is because without a deadline, there is no urgency for efficiency or focus. Have you ever been in a rush to get something done and only had 15 minutes to complete it? I’ll bet you were surprised when you had it done in time. How did you do it? You had a clear deadline and focused for the greatest efficiency.

The key is to think about the nature of the tasks and organize them appropriately. Don’t help your child with Algebra while performing market research; don’t feed your baby while writing an article, and don’t play with your puppy while talking to a client on the phone. Only group like tasks together; for example: start the laundry then go for your 30-minute run. Put the wash in the dryer, then take a shower.

If you work from an office, coordinate with partners or assistants to coordinate like-actions. Schedule meetings for first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid breaking your rhythm. Do the tasks that require you to be at your best, when you feel your best. Some entrepreneurs are on fire in the morning, while other crank out results in the afternoon.

The goal is to combine tasks that do not distract your focus away from what you’re currently doing. I’m sure you can see how playing with your puppy is distracting you from the conversation with your client.

Another top tip for effective multi-tasking is to work in small time blocks. Choose two or three relevant tasks and give yourself a small time block to achieve each task. Let’s say you must call back five prospects. Allot 30 minute blocks to return the calls and speak to each prospect. Do you see how much easier it is to manage each time block individually with specific activities, as opposed to 2 whole hours for all calls. Completing similar activities together is more efficient and saves time from having to start and stop different activities. It’s easier to focus and perform with the greatest efficiency when you have one task to complete in a small time block. When possible, working by phone appointment and personal appointment is the most effective.

Multi-tasking for entrepreneurs need not be a difficult process, just follow these simple steps to group like tasks together, establish realistic deadlines and remove distractions for greatest focus and efficiency. These tips will give you a sense of direction in approaching all of your responsibilities, in all areas of your life, with a strategic mindset. When we make minor adjustments to what we do, it can have a big result on the outcome. Sometimes it is the thing that seems simple. The key is to consistently do them to achieve your desired results.

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