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Don Pezet and friends cover a whirlwind of tech topics each week from interviews with industry experts and up-and-coming companies to commentary on topics like security, vendor certifications, networking, and just about anything IT related.

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Technado, Ep. 178: ITProTV’s Chris Ward

Updated about 1 month ago.

TProTV’s newest Edutainer and resident ITIL whiz Chris Ward joined Technado to talk about his upcoming courses like HVIT. He also shared his worst IT nightmare where an exploding transformer taught him a lesson about redundancy. In the news, the team looked at the new M1 processor-equipped computers from Apple, some issues related to Big Sur and Mac apps, Yubico’s first foray into biometrics, a bug in Ubuntu Gnome that gave users root access, and a former Microsoft engineer’s sentencing after a $10mm gift card heist. Finally, in the WTF segment, they unraveled the strange story of a deceased neo-nazi Canadian spam king.