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Dr. Ray Peat - Thyroid How to fix - Diet Lifestyle Exercise

Updated about 23 days ago.

You asked, I deliver! Time stamps, as well as Listener questions answered!

Enjoy another amazing discussion with world-renowned thyroid and hormone expert, Dr. Raymond Peat.

1:45 Dr. Peats view on why thyroid problems are such a problem in our society
8:20 Why is sub-clinical low thyroid function so frequent
11:00 Major symptoms one might expect with low thyroid function
15:04 How low thyroid function is the reason behind cellulite
18:59 Water Retention, cortisol connection, and low thyroid
21:00 What are the biggest stressors in our lives that lead to low thyroid
24:49 The link between serotonin and thyroid
27:15 How blue-light and emf radiation from cell phones affect the thyroid
32:34 How red light could be greatly beneficial for the thyroid
35:05 How important is good liver function to a healthy thyroid
37:45 How Stress increases estrogen and affects the liver
39:09 What happens in starvation (or fasting) to the liver and the thyroid
41:45 Should we supplement for Natural Thyroid glandulars and NDT?
43:38 Taking your temperature for good thyroid monitoring
47:00 A healthy pro-thyroid diet and why PUFAs should be avoided
50:15 The wonders of Saturated fats & detriment of so called “Essential fats”
52:00 The consequences of arachidonic acid
54:00 Keeping a good ratio of calcium to phosphate for optimal thyroid function
55:00 Nature is calling…
58:07 What form of exercise should one do to help the thyroid
59:00 Listener Questions answered - Thyroid and autonomic nervous system
1:02:09 Listener Questions Answered - Carotenemia and the thyroid
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