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Updated Ray Peat Q&A - Insulin Resistance, Vegans, Cortisol

Updated about 20 hours ago.

*** Updated sound as best I could.
Dr. Raymond Peat is back answering your listener questions! I love his generosity and ample time so please show him your love and support by subscribing to his newsletter at the email address below.

Ray Peat Q&A time stamps:

2:20 How to get rid of Endotoxins
6:58 What About Coconut Flour
7:46 What about Bone Broth
10:40 What helps with Bone Density
11:07 Dr Peat’s thoughts on Vitamin D
12:05 Dr Peat’s remedy for healing Insulin Resistance
15:07 Why we should avoid ketosis
16:06 How stress plays the biggest role in poor health (Dr. Peat’s favorite way to de-stress)
18:05 Low cortisol and adrenal insufficiency
24:00 Immune system boosters
26:00 My thoughts on why Hawaiians have no cold and flu season
27:40 What Dr. Peat thinks about colostrum
28:30 Thoughts on Monolaurin for the immune system
30:58 Kidney issues and help with dumping minerals
32:35 Is Dr. Peat a fan of coconut water
33:07 White Willow bark instead of aspirin?
38:40 Should one stop taking Cod Liver oil
42:24 What to do with your fish oil capsules
42:50 Can vegans or vegetarians successfully achieve a good menstrual cycle
44:44 Nutritional yeast, yes or no?
45:25 Are there natural foods that promote progesterone in the body
47:12 Thoughts on stevia
48:44 A favorite recipe of Dr. Peat’s

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