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Dr Ray Peat Q&A - Weight Loss, Stretch Marks, Hydrogen

Updated about 8 days ago.

So many great questions were asked by all of you! I hope you enjoy getting your questions asked by this amazing man and support him by joining his newsletter by emailing

Time Stamps:
7:00 Social Media Stress and Dr Peat's thoughts
10:00 Dr Peats Thoughts on Adaptogenic Herbs
15:20 Dr Peat's Current Fears
16:30 Caffeine Addiction and What Coffee Is Good
27:00 Gut Dysbiosis and why Bamboo Shoots aren't helping
32:57 Stretch Marks
34:59 Resistant to Thyroid Hormone and What to do
43:13 Dr. Peat's Opinion of Negative Ion Generators
46:33 How to Improve Hearing
50:20 What about Molecular Hydrogen?
53:00 Specific Foods to Be resistant to Covid-19
1:01:37 Best Way to Lose 20lbs Specifically in Lower Body
1:04:00 What to Do with no access to NDT and no Gallbladder

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