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End Your Food Struggles, Binging, Emotional Eating, Cravings

Updated about 14 days ago.

What's your food struggle? Stress eating? Binging? Purging? Disordered eating? Cravings out of control? Overerating at dinner?

Whatever your food struggles, David Zappasodi, weight loss expert and own of Brain Flip Weight Loss will give you the answers to why you have the struggles you do and what to do about them.

David Zappasodi, founder of Brain Flip Weight Loss, has a degree in exercise physiology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. For the past twenty years, his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped many people transform their lives from binge and emotional eating experiences. His philosophy and techniques are about to brain flip your mind, like they did mine, and you will definitely want to listen to every word of this podcast and take notes too.

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Time Stamps for David Zappasodi

7:44 The Two Types of Brains when it comes to Food Struggles
8:26 Strong Chocolate Cravings, example
10:59 What is Associative Conditioning and why do we all experience it?
13:35 The BIG Inner Conflict behind food struggles in the two brains
15:35 How the sensory brains creates the vicious cycle with food struggles
17:31 Finding the balance between the two brains
18:00 Why you can’t simply remove or avoid your trigger foods
19:45 The pain & suffering around why we overeat or binge & a “pain tool” to manage it.
23:33 How long before the cravings go away
25:00 Why taking trigger foods out doesn’t work, and how David uses triggers to tempt them which strengthens them.
29:40 The REAL benefit of doing this practice properly
33:30 Stress Escape routes
34:30 The root of why we have these food struggles specifically overeating
41:05 David dispels a big myth about weight and weight loss
43:42 Other reasons behind overeating
45:48 Can this technique help with drug and alcohol and other addictions
48:33 What’s the first step to ending food struggles
51:45 What about exercise during this program
57:45 How my listeners can schedule a FREE consult with David

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