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Thyroid Health, NDT, How to Correct Low thyroid function & m

Updated about 6 days ago.

You guys love him and so do I! Georgi Dinkov, Founder of Idealabs is back, this time to discuss all things thyroid and natural desiccated thyroid, plus how to correct or fix a sluggish thyroid.

Time stamps:
2:25 The main reasons why thyroid issues are more prevalent than ever
11:40 Blue light and the thyroid
15:31 Sub-clinical hypothyroidism and the unfortunate TSH lab levels
18:04 Why L-tyrosine and Indols are not enough
20:20 The stressors we need to be aware of that are part of our daily lives and affecting our thyroids
21:00 Lifestyle and daily habits that inhibit our thyroid?
29:39 Symptoms outside of bloodwork that indicate thyroid issues
37:15 The eyes don’t lie when it comes to thyroid issues
39:59 Lactic acid red eyes
40:41 Ways to naturally test your thyroid levels
46:15 Some co-factors and herbs that are valuable and helpful to the thyroid
51:25 What to look for and what to watch out for when it comes to NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid)
58:25 Georgi’s product called TyroMax, sourcing and who it’s for
1:03:14 Is NDT helpful with weight loss, and conversely can it also be taken inappropriately and cause weight gain?
1:05:50 Why chicken neck soup instead of chicken noodle soup

To order Georgi's "TyroMax" or "Tyronene" product, visit:

Georgi’s Published study on CortiNon:

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