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Motivation & Movement in 2019 with Rob Sleamaker & Vasa SUP

Updated about 1 month ago.

My guest today is exercise physiologist and author, Rob Sleamaker, a SPORTY VERMONTER, INNOVATOR & DARN GOOD guy, based off what his website reads, and founder and creator of my favorite way to train indoors, the Vasa Trainer and Vasa SUP Erg.

As a professional stand up paddle boarder, I am always looking to hone my skills for the water, and sometimes living in the midwest, I have to hone my skills off the water more than I would like. That's why I am a huge fan and user of the Vasa SUP Erg - a stellar low-EMF ergometer that simulates stand up paddling indoors and allows me to get better and better.

But this podcast is more than just a great product introduction and review....

Rob also talks motivation, and how to keep it going well into 2019 and beyond. He also shares insight on why he thinks sticking to exercise is so hard for so many, why it's about staying curious, and he even tells us what it's like to be an "exuberant animal".

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