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EMF, EHS, The Science behind Cell Phone Danger

Updated about 5 days ago.

PROF Olle Johansson is here with again for a third podcast, so thrilled Olle Johansson, who I have now coined my Swedish father, because my maiden name used to be the same as his, and I really look up to him for his research on something I am extremely passionate in, which we will be jumping into in just a moment but for those of you who don’t know much about Prof Johansson, I highly recommend listening to the two previous podcasts we did which will blow you HAIR BACK, due to the knowledge he brings on the dangers of the internet of things, 5G, the coming 6G, 7G and more.

Olle Johansson is a professor, and head of Experimental dermatology in the department of Neuroscience at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Olle is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects.
He has published more than 500 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the field of basic and applied neuroscience and is more recently researching something I am so interested to talk with him today on which is electro hyper sensitivity (EHS) is an officially fully recognized functional impairment.

We discuss:
Smartphones and weight gain
How EMF affects your gut bacteria!!!! New Research!
Smartphones, EMF and sleep health
Smartphones and cancer
Smartphones and children's health
Internet of things and health implications
What's happened to the bees
Dangers of too much time on social media
And much more!

PROF Olle Johansson is doing some incredible work and would greatly benefit from our help. Please consider donating to his fundamental work here: (Always remember that no gift is too small, and Dr. Johansson's work needs this economic support so he would be able to continue quality research work regarding the adverse health and biological effects of artificial electromagnetic fields from cell phones, satellites, smart meters, WiFi, baby alarms, powerlines, and many more installations.)

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But perhaps you also can use some of these, with their web links?

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