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Red Light Therapy, Thyroid, Hair Loss, Acne & more!

Updated about 9 days ago.

NOTE: Apparently my mic was too close to my nose and I am so sorry you can hear me breathing some in the podcast. I loathe this, but I wasn’t able to drown it out! My apologies, and don’t let it distract you too much from the great info!

Brian Richards, a born tinkerer, health optimizer, and Founder and CEO of SaunaSpace has joined me today for an exhilarating chat about red light therapy and it’s potpourri of benefits!

Here’s some of the highlights of our talk!

9:36 How Red Light Affects Mitochondria
12:40 Why our bodies need light therapy more than ever now
16:00 How Red Light affects the Thyroid
24:20 Auto-immune benefits
26:34 The naturalistic approach to medicine
34:40 Skin health, weight loss, and cellulite
41:26 Hair loss and hair regeneration with red light
43:33 The different types of red light and which ones works
48:15 Bio-electric body
49:38 Near Infrared or Far Infrared light?
57:50 EMF exposure from red light or Sauna
1:07:15 An exclusive promo code for my listeners! Only for my listeners!!! GETFIT to save 5% on any purchase!

To order your own red light from Brian, visit: and use code: GETFIT to save 5% on your purchase!
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2. Click and enter the code ‘getfit', then click the 'APPLY' button.
3. The price reduction will show in the total and be itemized in the right column as 'DISCOUNT’.

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