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Get to Know Dr Shawn Baker & the Carnivore Training System

Updated about 12 days ago.

Dr. Shawn Baker is world-renowned not only for his champion rowing skills, but more recently his carnivore diet taking the world by storm. And I"m so pleased to have him back on my podcast after a little over a year ago when I first interviewed him.

In this podcast, you will discover the how the Carnivore Training System he developed is one of the most effective programs on the market to date.

He also let's me ask him some rapid fire questions, (and you may be surprised at his cheesecake answer) about his life and habits.

To find out more about the Carnivore Training System's 12 Week Program, visit:

You can find him on social media:
Twitter: @SBakerMd
Instagram: @shawnbaker1967

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