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Creating Unexpected Value in Today’s Marketplaces

Updated 2 months ago.

The other day I saw a video in which they were comparing the past to the present. Today, we basically live in a throwaway society. Products are cheaply made and for the most part, have a much shorter shelf-life than their counterparts from the past.

The quality of work has also declined noticeably over time. For those of you over 40, you know exactly what I’m talking about from firsthand experience. Employees seem to be less knowledgeable and poorly trained.

Overall, I believe we’re practically accustomed to average to sub-par experiences in the marketplaces of the 2020s.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are products, services, companies, and individuals whose work meets or even exceeds our expectations. This isn’t by accident either. Their businesses are designed to do just that.

In today’s podcast, I want to briefly talk about creating the kind of business that exceeds your customer's expectations. What kind of changes would it take to build products and services that truly “stand out” in the crowd?